The Business Services Team offers customized candidate recruitments, skill development and training and many other training programs that offer solutions to employers. These programs reflect a collaborative effort with the business community and workforce and educational partners.

Services Available:

Recruitment, Prescreening, and Referrals:

BEST, Inc. can assist in your workforce outreach and candidate search. As a partner of Illinois workNet®, our offices can post your openings on our job board, BEST, Inc., NCI Works websites and to Illinois Job Link. Our staff can receive applications and prescreen applicants in order to refer the most qualified candidates. Through grants to train eligible workers, we can build a skilled workforce with the technical credentials necessary to meet your growing business needs.

Interviewing and Meeting Facilities:

BEST, Inc. can provide you with a temporary office space for interviews and online application stations. A private conference room may be used for interviews and other meetings. The open Resource Centers can be used to hold small job fairs for your company with several stations

On the Job Training (OJT) provides reimbursement to the employer of up to 50% of the wage rate of the individual, for the extraordinary costs of providing training and additional supervision for a qualified new hire. The length of training will vary depending on the skills needed to be successful in the job and are based on US Dept. of Labor criteria. Eligibility determination of new hires must be conducted prior to the first day of work.

Customized Training is training that meets a specific need for a business. The company is required to pay at least 50% of the cost of training and make a commitment to employ the trainee upon the successful completion of the training program

Incumbent Worker Training:

While the majority of public workforce funds are designated for the unemployed or underemployed, Incumbent Worker Training allows workforce areas to provide businesses with training funds that will help them avert a layoff and retain their current workforce. Business must match the amount of funding needed for training (up to 50% of the cost) and can use wages paid during training as that match. IWT funds can be used for a variety of training. For more information contact Dianna Schuler at 815-640-9407.


BEST, Inc. can assist businesses with temporary short-term employment through our paid work experience/internship program. Internships are designed to provide our youth, adult and dislocated worker customers with meaningful work experience and educational enrichment in a variety of occupational experiences. Some examples of successful internship occupations include: Clerical/Clerk; Direct Service Personnel, Janitorial, Groundskeeper, Child Care Worker.

As an employer, you will receive many benefits for having an Intern through BEST, Inc. In addition to having 100% of the wages, FICA and Workers Compensation paid by BEST, Inc., you will have the opportunity to try-out a potential worker without any strings attached. In exchange, all you have to do is provide supervision and skills training to the worker. However, many of our interns have been hired by their sponsoring business through this program and have become valuable long-term employees.

Job Fairs and Career Fairs:

We host several job fairs during the year for skilled job-seekers. We would be pleased to include your recruiting booth in these off-site events. We also host Career Fairs for local high schools and participate in student career workshops. We welcome your business being a part of these events to help us provide skill and educational requirements for tomorrow’s workforce.

Essential Skills Training:

BEST, Inc. has developed a workforce training program based on the needs expressed by local businesses like you. The modern workforce of today faces many distractions and challenges arising out of multimedia, changing demographics and from diverse generational experiences. Essential Skills is how individuals are able to work together. A cohesive team that can access and share multiple viewpoints is an invaluable tool that will lead your company to success in a dynamic market.

Six modules are designed to train your employees in the appropriate skills necessary for workplace success. Each training is then tailored to meet your unique needs. The end result is a team with more effective communications and the self-discipline that makes workers meet their peak performance.

Essential Skills Workshops can be done onsite or at an offsite location within your community. Multiple group workshops on a topic can be designed for work groups that are facing different challenges. Multi-module discounts are available.

• Communication
• Professionalism
• Teamwork
• Enthusiasm & Attitude
• Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
• Networking

For further information regarding programs offered to businesses by BEST, contact your local Business Services Representative:

County Represented Name Telephone Number
Bureau, LaSalle, Putnam Laura Olson 815-640-9408
Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle, Whiteside Tammy Nehrkorn 815-625-9648

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