Are you interested in returning to school? If so, customers interested in Training/ Reeducation, BEST may be able to financially assist with tuition, books, fees, childcare, travel, etc. These programs are coordinated with the State of Illinois and local community colleges and must result in a certificate or degree.

Are you looking for employment opportunities? If so, the goal of job search assistance is to help the emerging or transitional worker obtain employment that will lead to self-sufficiency. Experienced staff are available as a resource for customers in resume writing, job search, interviewing skills, proper presentation and job retention. Business Services staff act as a resource to the business community for on-the-job training opportunities and other requested business services.

BEST, Inc. assists youth in obtaining gainful work experience at a wide variety of companies and organizations, and pays 100% of the wages, FICA and worker’s compensation. In exchange, the business offers supervision and skill training to the youth “worker trainee”. In addition, other programs and services are available that will help the youth meet their educational and work needs. Eligibility guidelines apply to some programs offered by BEST, Inc.

For further information about the services offered by the Business Employment Skills Team, Inc. simply contact your closest office to talk with one of our Career Advisors or email us at  

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