Sterling Office

Sterling Office

In the summer of 2018, Russell was unemployed and on the verge of homelessness. He came to the BEST office in Sterling to inquire about getting assistance with the CDL training program at Sauk Valley Community College.

It was determined that Russell was income-eligible for training services and he enrolled in the four-week CDL program. During training, he was kicked out of his temporary living situation and had to move in with a friend for a couple weeks. Despite this barrier, Russell was determined to successfully complete the program, knowing that doing so would likely result in him being able to find full-time, self-sufficient employment as a truck driver.

Russell completed the training program, but failed in his first attempt to pass the driving test at the DMV. It was recommended that he take another week of training and re-test after 30 days. On his second try, after the extra week of training, Russell passed the driving test and received his commercial driver’s license.

Shortly thereafter, Russell was hired by Schneider Transport and is currently employed as an over-the-road driver.


After losing her Assembly job at Plews Inc. in Dixon in December of 2017, Tamera contacted the Sterling BEST, Inc. office to see if she would be eligible for funding.

Tamera was interested in the 40 week Certified Medical Assistant program at Hamilton Technical College in Davenport. Tamera started training in January of 2018 utilizing the dislocated worker funding. In March of 2018 the trade act petition was approved for the workers at Plews Inc. and Tamera was moved from the dislocated worker funding to the trade act program.

While at school Tamera studied anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, clinical procedures and computer applications in Healthcare. Her Externship was at the CGH Medical Center main clinic. Tamera mentioned that it was difficult getting back into the groove of being a student after being out of school for 37 years. She finished her training at the end of November and passed her state boards in December. Tamera has been offered a full time job at KSB Hospital as a Certified Medical Assistant Float and is scheduled to start working on February 11th.


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