From Sterling Office

In July of 2019, Chris lost his job of 12 years as a graphic artist due to lack of work at his employer. He came to the BEST, Inc. office in Sterling to inquire about training for new career that would provide stable employment. He decided to enroll in the CNC/Machining program at SVCC.

Chris was eligible for assistance as a dislocated worker and was able to get help from BEST, Inc. with tuition, mileage reimbursement and with the purchase of required tools and materials.

He began his training in August of 2019 and earned A’s in all four of his classes during the Fall semester.  During the Spring semester of 2020, he started an internship at United Craftsmen in Sterling. After his classes were canceled in March due to the COVID19 pandemic, Chris was allowed to complete his coursework at his internship site.

Chris completed his training during the summer of 2020 and was offered a job at United Craftsmen.

From Oregon Office


  • Successfully completed Radiologic Technology AAS degree from Kishwaukee College
  • Successfully passed and obtained her State certification for Radiologic Technologist
  • Currently working on job search


  • Successfully completed work experience and on-the-job training at Jonas Martin Well Drilling, Oregon
  • Working in unsubsidized full time employment at Jonas Martin Well Drilling as an administrative assistant earning $11.00/hour


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