Request for Quote

Business Employment Skills Team, Inc. is soliciting quotes for a review of the agency's fiscal unit workflow to determine efficiency within the department.  Click here to retrieve a copy of the Request for Quote.


Request for Proposal

NCI Works is requesting proposals to hire a consultant to assess why an employer in the 8-county workforce region hires or does not hire applicants for each of the three targeted populations:  veterans, individuals with disabilities, and individuals who are returning from incarceration or who are not able to pass a criminal background check.  The consultant will develop 1) a general profile and 2) profiles for significant Northwest Illinois industries that are specified in the Request for Proposals.  Click here to retrieve a copy of the Request for Proposal.


Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program Year 2017 Plans

Memorandum of Understanding - Program Year 2017

  • LWA #4 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

PY 2018 One Stop Operator

  • Request for Proposal (Tri-County Opportunities Council Responsible)
  • One Stop Operator Proposal Submitted from LWIA 4 Consortium
  • One Stop Operator Agreement
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